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Collaborate on Data
in one platform

Kaldea is the data collaboration platform for teams who create and leverage insight. Kaldea brings your data and metadata together into one platform so you can discover, analyze, share, and iterate with everyone. Simpler, faster, more productive analysis.

Kaldea connects people to data across the workflow

Before Kaldea, stakeholders and tools were disconnected and siloed in the analysis workflow. This required additional meetings and documentation to know the full context or status of a table or column, and created engineering dependency that slowed the analyst’s work and prohibited the light data user.

Kaldea connects everyone in the data workflow and streamlines it. Kaldea is a single platform that organizes your metadata so all your data is easily discoverable and useable. With Kaldea, you can see the data’s full context, collaborate with stakeholders, and iterate across discovery, modeling, queries, docs, and visualization.


True discovery, faster and more accessible

Consolidate all your meta data into one platform to accelerate definition and discovery, and unlock the true potential of all your data


Search accelerates definition, while the catalog and table wiki easily organizes your data


Trust your data with lineage to the column and visual SLA compliance


Manage access and track history with one-click governance


Real-time column and table updates

Modeling & Query

Seamlessly transition from discovery to query

Explore, then write and run your queries right in a single collaborative workspace


Use SQL to run queries or use search to replicate past queries


Customize your workspace layout and manage its access


Sandbox environment allows you to work safely on tables at the same time

Docs & Visualization

Build your insights into a company archive​

Collaborate as you document and display your data’s fullest context and build your company’s knowledge-base


Fully collaborative docs editor with multiplayer


Flexible templates for faster docs


Easily create jobs with a no-code scheduler


Visualization support


Connect people to data​

Collaborate, iterate, and share any part of your work with everyone


Share any part of your work with a single-click


Comment live so you can iterate faster

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Security as First Principle

SOC2 Type II certified